Thank you for your enquiry of 12 March cate 9 cable.
We appreciate your efforts in marketing our products and regret very much that we are unable to supply the desired goods due to excessive demand.
We would, however, like to take this opportunity to offer the following material as a close substitute:
Cate 5, US$__ per meter FOB Shanghai, including your commission 2%.
Please visit our catalog at for more information on this item. If you find the product acceptable, please email us as soon as possible.
    Dear Mr. Jones:
We thank you for your email enquiry for both groundnuts and Walnutmeat CNF Copenhagen dated February, 21.
In reply, we offer firm, subject to your reply reaching us on or before February 26 for 250 metric tons of groundnuts, handpicked, shelled and ungraded at RMB2000 net per metric ton CNF Copenhagen and any other European Main Ports. Shipment to be made within two months after receipt of your order payment by L/C payable by sight draft.
Please note that we have quoted our most favorable price and are unable to entertain any counter offer.
As you are aware that there has lately been a large demand for the above commodities. Such growing demand will likely result in increased prices. However you can secure these prices if you send us an immediate reply.
 Dear Mr. Jones:
We thank you for your letter dated April 8 inquiring about our leather
handbags. As requested, we take pleasure in offering you, subject to our final confirmation, 300 dozen deerskin handbags style No.MS190 at $124.00 per dozen CIF Hamburg. Shipment will be effected within 20 days after receipt of the relevant L/C issued by your first class bank in our favor upon signing Sales Contract.
We are manufacturing various kinds of leather purses and waist belts for exportation, and enclosed a brochure of products for your reference. We hope some of them meet your taste and needs.
If we can be of any further help, please feel free to let us know. Customers' inquiries are always meet with our careful attention.
Re: SWC Sugar
Dear Sirs,
We are in receipt of your letter of July 17, 2002 asking us to offer 10,000 metric tons of the subject sugar for shipment to Japan and appreciate very much your interest in our product.
To comply with your request, we are offering you the following
1. Commodity: Qingdao Superior White Crystal Sugar
2. Packing: To be packed in new gunny bag of 100kg
3. Quantity: Ten thousand (10000) metric tons.
4. Price: US dollars one hundred and five (US$105.00) per metric ton, Fob Qingdao.
5. Payment: 100% by irrevocable and confirmed letter of credit to be opened in our favor through A1 bank in Qingdao and to be drawn at sight.
6. Shipment: Three or four weeks after receipt of letter of credit by the first available boat sailing to Yokohama direct.
Please note that we do not have much ready stock on h
and. Therefore, it is important that, in order to enable us to effect early shipment, your letter of credit should be opened in time if our price meets with your approval.
We are awaiting your reply.
 Dear  :
Thank you for your inquiry of 16 March. We are pleased to hear that you are interested in our product “toaster”.
We've enclosed the photo and detailed information of the product for your reference:
Product: toaster
Specification: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx3 L.
Package: 1pcs/box'
Price: 10usd/pcs
For purchase quantities over 1,000pcs of individual items we would allow you a discount of 1%. Payment is to be made by irrevocable L.C at sight.
We look forward to receiving your first order.
Dear Mr. Jones:
We have received your letter of 9th April showing your interest in our complete product information.
Our product lines mainly include high quality textile products. To give you a general idea of the various kinds of textiles now available for export, we have enclosed a catalogue and a price list. You may also visit our online company introduction at Http:// which includes our latest product line.
We look forward to your specific enquiries and hope to have the opportunity to work together with you in the future.
Mark Li
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